• Model Name:

    ZYHC Automatic Control Far-infrared Electrode Oven

  • Product Description
  • ZYHC Automatic Control Far-infrared Electrode Oven

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Main Features:

1.Inner housing;stainless steel good for erosion resistance.

2.Heating supplied by radiant heater of far-infraed.

3.Heating evenly with high efficiency and less heat consumption.

4.Automatic alarm for excessiveness of temperature,voltage and phase-shift and dipole broken.

5.Liquid caystal screen displays black words legible with blue background.

6.key touching easy for operation.

7.Record device can be equipped with,as required.

8.This oven is mainly for rod's dehydrating and drying to extreme extent.

9.Widely used in electricity power,mechanism,metallurgy,chemical,boiler and other construction projects.

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