• Model Name:

    XG-300J CNC pipe profiling and plate cutting machine 3 axis

  • Product Description
  • XG series chucking intersection line CNC pipe cutting machine is able to develop cutting programs automatically and uses these programs to cut holes and pipe end cutting of the various of pipes.

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Main Features:

1.It is able to do the plate cutting and pipe cutting.

2.For the pipe with diameter≤300mm,it is able to do the tee holes,circular holes and centex line offsets by different positions for pipes

3.It can ends cutting of split elbow.

4.It is able can do the rectangular holes and ends cutting pipe.

5.It uses a high-quality drive system to ensure high moving stability and mechanical precision.

CNC controller                                                                    pipe holder

XG-300J outlook                                                                 table cutting 


The different choice of plasma power source 

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