• Model Name:

    PNC Portable pipe profile CNC oxy-fuel plasma cutting machine

  • Product Description
  • CNC pipe intersection Cutting machine is a junction on the pipe ends for automatic calculation and cutting equipment.The cutting machine can be widely used in shipbuilding, construction, petrochemical, machinery, metallurgy and other industries pipeline structural parts.

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Main Features:

1. Intersection cylindrical hole cutting of different directions and diameters on main pipe for vertical intersection between branch pipe and main pipe.  

2. Intersection cylindrical end cutting on brand pipe for vertical intersection between branch pipe and main pipe.

3. Bevel cutting on Pipe end 

4. Welding Elbow cutting on pipe       

5. Branch pipe Intersection end cutting connected with ring main pipe   

6. Square hole and branch hole cutting on pipe                

7. Cutting off of pipes

cnc pipe cutting machine drive chain                          pnc cnc controller

The different choice of plasma power source 

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