• Model Name:

    HCM-200 Portable Track-Guided Flame Oxy-fuel Cutting Machine VCM

  • Product Description
  • The HCM-200 is a tough, ruggedly constructed cutting machine, yet compact and light enough that it may be taken to the work site, wherever it may be.

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The main features:

1.Integral carrying handle,lightweight and balanced designer allow the machine to be carried with one hand.

2.A balanced design makes the machine stable when cutting,allowing a racking distance of up to 18inch from the machine with a standard torch,and no counterweight is required.


Whole sets in the package

The main panel and cutting torch

The spare parts of HCM-200


Outline Dimensions

Outline dimensions are shown in Figure 1,below.


Cutting Length: Increments of 72”(1829mm)

Circle Diameter: 4”to 96”(102 to 2438 mm)

Speed Range

HCM-200 and HCM-200HT: 1 to 60 inches per minute (25 to 1524 mm per minute )

HCM-200HS: 5 to 120 inches per minute (127 to 3048 mmper minute)

Power Requirements

115V.42A 60HZ, Single phase E Models;200V.23A 50HZ/.21A60HZ,single phase


Tractor Unit alone: 30.5 lbs (13.8Kg)

Tractor Unit with rigging: 37.5 lbs (17.0Kg)

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