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    TNC Economical table model CNC plasma cutting machine

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  • The plasma cutting machine main processing of electrical machine products ,advertising signs.decroation,garden iron art,vehicle manufacturing,ship building,electric appliances,metal plate materials cutting and other industries.even the small business.

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Main Features:

The Micro EDGE Pro CNC cutting system is designed to be reliable, cost-effective, and meet your high performance cutting requirements. The Micro EDGE Pro CNC series are built to ensure a smooth and accurate performance. It is equipped with a Hypertherm cnc control system, precision linear guide ways and self aligning plasma torch collision device, automatic height control and automatic ignition system.

plasma power supplier
Beijing START system
Linear square rail guide
FASTCAM software
CE stand
Gear-wheel transmission

The machine side looking                                               The machine cutting table


 CNC controller                                                                     Plasma torch lifting 



The different plasma power source we can choose




Machine model   HNC-TNG3015                                       HNC-TNG4020                                           HNC-TNG6020
Working range 3000mm*1500mm                              4000mm*2000mm                                   6000mm*2000mm
Drive mode Double-side stepper / servo drive gear rack / ball screw
Cutting thickness Flame cutting:5-200mm            Plasma cutting:Up to the plasma power selected
Velocity 50-60000mm/min
Gas for flame cutting Air, oxygen, nitrogen,  mixture gas,etc.
Torch quantity A set of CNC flame device or a group of CNC plasma device (which can co-exist but can not be jointly used)
Cutting speed 0-12000mm(Up to the specifications and materials of the metals processed)
Plasma Power 63A/100A/120A/160A/200A(Hypertherm /Wellcut/Victor/Other)
Intersection offset ±0.2mm~±0.5mm
Diagonal deviation ±0.2mm~±0.5mm
Three axes Repeat
positioning accuracy

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