The CNC pipe tube intersection cutting machine applications and improvements in steel construction of offshore


Intersecting lines are Offshore Oil Engineering in steel tubes and pipes as well as the main form of structural pipe and plate coupled to its cutting quality is good or bad for the jacket and block bonding strength has a major role, so in the process must ensure that the intersecting line precision cutting, in order to avoid quality problems during soldering. Intersecting line cutting traditional practices are done by hand, the specific construction process are: The intersection line locus Stakeout - making templates - workpiece dash - Hand cut - kind of grinding, so cumbersome processing methods, not only low productivity, high labor intensity, but poor product quality can not be guaranteed even after the workpiece intersecting welds. To solve the above problem of high consumption and low yield, it is necessary to use the final NC intersection Cutting to improve the yield and quality, but also with the development of offshore oil steel to make the necessary improvements.

Currently, the intersecting line cutting device used mainly Warwick Hange XG-630 series cutting machine, automatic pipe end rotatable cutter. In this paper, for these two devices are from the structure, capabilities, advantages and disadvantages of these four dimensions introduced to efficiently configure device resources, improve production efficiency.

1. two kinds of CNC intersection Cutting Features

1.1. Warwick Welding XG-630 series cutting machine Warwick Welding XG series CNC cutting machine is mainly used for cutting a variety of low-carbon steel, stainless steel pipe, high efficiency, high precision, high level of automation.Structure: By moving the rack, power rotary head and cutting class composition. By moving the rack so that the running rail and the rail bracket to maintain a balance, and thus increase the precision cutting machine. Rotary power head driven by upper and lower parts of the chuck, reverse rotation of the cutting head is used to cut the pipe, it can yaw axial and radial. Through linkage system more motion control axes, to ultimately cut steel tubular wire.

Advantages and disadvantages: Warwick cutting machine not only the production of high efficiency, low labor intensity, and high-precision cutting, after cutting lever mouth accurate, higher quality, reducing the intersecting line groove grinding repair work. CNC system console, mounted on the machine cutting torch in accordance with the parameters inputted motion plane geometry, only we need to adjust the height of the torch, the flame of the walking speed and the size of the machine to achieve the continuous cutting of steel pipe. Φ406mm diameter greater than the volume of steel pipe is generally bound to the presence of longitudinal welds. The Jinfeng cutter during the cutting process is always in a pipe above the wheel, the wheel in the radial direction during the rotation of the rotating pipe will lead, inevitably lead to the highest point of the longitudinal seam and roller contact will naturally raise the tube, resulting in intersecting line cutting gap will appear, when the rotation of the longitudinal weld to the other end and the other side is also such a problem.


1.2. Rotatable pipe end cutting machineStructure: The device system consists of two intersection Cutting Machine, three electric car by moving the tube support positioning, two mobile skip sections, the width of the two rail components.

Advantages and disadvantages: First, it uses a tube fixed to the support and positioning trolley rotating cutting device, it can be overcome general swing to compensate intersection Cutting the pipe is not straight (ie straightness) caused during the cutting process is not ideal problem. Secondly, when cutting the tube is always fixed in the trolley, in the form of rotary cutter arm around the head tube is cut rotary motion, and thus the weight and length of the tube unrestricted meet long construction encountered overweight , large diameter pipe cutting demand. However, during the cutting process there will be a cutting device, while the other one is idle, resulting in waste of device resources.


2 two CNC intersection Cutting Improvement

2.1 Warwick Welding XG CNC intersection Cutting improvement Φ ≥ 406mm diameter pipe longitudinal welds presence, during cutting, in order to solve the contact caused by longitudinal welds and roller tube increases the problem, may be used instead of rubber tire roller measures so by its own weight cut tube lift height, thus reducing the cutting error. Such cases also meet the large diameter pipe intersection line cutting, not only limited to less than seamless steel tubes Φ406mm, expanded its scope of use. Cutting machine itself limited by the length of the tube, so that by increasing the axial movement of movable frame means or extended length of the track to take to resolve the problem blind cut. 

2.2 Improved rotatable pipe end cutting machineAnd Warwick Hange XG CNC intersection Cutting compared to the rotatable pipe end automatic cutting machine cutting capacity, or whether cutting quality have been greatly improved, but the phenomenon of low utilization of equipment exists in the actual operation. To solve this problem, can be provided by a corresponding increase in tire rotation support functions, thus ensuring a cutting device corresponding to the two support, independently of each other during cutting, cutting work can be performed in different bars at the same time, great improve equipment utilization.

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