• Model Name:

    HNC-100K portable magnetic vertical CNC plasma and flame cutting machine

  • Product Description
  • It can cut any arbitrary planar complex graphics, support for flame and plasma cutting.This series is an alternative to hand torch, semiautomatic cutting and profile cutting machine upgrade products.Especially suitable for mass production of precision and complexity of planar graph,can greatly improve cutting efficiency, reduce secondary processing and production costs.

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Mian Features:

1. affordable, especially for small and medium enterprises.

2. Small size, light weight, can be moved and do not take up fixed place. 

3. The built-in graphics database, can store more than 1000 files to be cut.

4. Reserved plasma cutting function interface, support for plasma cutting.

5. Important parts such as motors, drives, solenoid valves etc. are used well-known brands. 

6. Cutting torch electronically controlled automatic lift, convenient and quick.

Reminder this machine could match with straight hard track also the flexible track.


Magnetic track                                                                       Remote controller

The main structure of HK-100K

1.Handheld cassette system

2.Horizontal Rail

3.Date line




7.Magnetic valve

8.Cutting torch assembly

Technical parameters

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