• HK Series Handy Auto Motorized Oxy-fuel Cutter Cutting Torch
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    HK Series Handy Auto Motorized Oxy-fuel Cutter Cutting Torch

  • Product Description
  • The〝HK-55〞is a portable gas cutter developed on the basis of a novel idea for the purpose of auto matization of portable cutters used in all work sites, incorporating their merits.The〝HK-55〞automatically moves as the wheel on the side of the tip turns. An operator can cut material in shape by controlling the direction of the wheel.

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The machine can cut only flat material but also vertical material, angle bars ,light section steel, round bars, pipes and deformed steel sheets.Even a beginner can cut material smoothly by simple operation.



1.wheel locking  knob: The wheel can change the position  by 360° when the knob is loosened.

2.Polit nozzle

3. Drive switch: The drive switch is interlocked with the cutting oxygen valve.

4. Cutting oxygen valve: Turn the valve to feed cutting oxygen.

5. Speed control knob: Turn the knob in the direction of H to move the machine quickly and to L to move slowly.

6.Preheating oxygen valve

7. Fuel gas valve


9.Ignition lover

10.Flameout button

11.Normal/reverse rotation changeover button switch

12.High voltage wrap


14.Unlversal joint




1.Weight(main unit)


Handy auto kit

:7.8 kg

2. Machine size

:500mm×70mm×147mm(With standard wheel assembly)

3. Wheel drive

:Friction drive

4. Power source

:AC 220V±10%  

5. Speed control method

:Transistor control

6. Cutting speed



:1.2r.p.m -4.2r.p.m

8.Cutting thickness

:5-30mm(by standard accessories)


:DC 12V 7200 r .p. m reducer1/300

Optional attachments

  Auxiliary wheel assembly

  Beveling wheel assembly(20°-45°)

  Small circle cutting attachment (Ø30-Ø120mm)

  Guide lever

Contents of package

1.Main unit

1 set

2.Standard wheel assembly


3. Spanner

1 pcs

4. Fuse( mizett , 1A)

1 pcs

5.Tip (Go2 or Go3 type #0,1,2, one each)

3 pcs

6.AC Adaptor

1 pc s

7. Inlet connection


8.Auxilliary wheel assembly


9.Beveling wheel assembly

1 set

10.Small circular arc cutting accessories

1 set

11.Tip cleaner

1 pcs

12.Metal case

1 pcs


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