• HK-305 Big diameter tube Pipe shape profile oxy-fuel cutting machine
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    HK-305 Big diameter tube Pipe shape profile oxy-fuel cutting machine

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  • The machine is constituted of control box, torch, mainly body base. The control box which is fixed on offside of the cutter structure is operated and repaired easily.The machine is designed in reason and the structure is unique. It has four balanced foot screw bar which is used to maintain the machine on the pipe.

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For decreasing the weight, the machine body is made of aluminum alloy, compact and proper designing. Speed system is by stepless controlled silicon. Specialized in pipe crossing joint, sinusoid cutting as well as vertical pipe and slope cutting with high precise and running stably. This machine can be operated both by electrical power and hand; depen ding on working site. The same template can be used, provided the vector is same in saddle shape on different diameter pipe. This is the series items, different item can be chosen according tothe pipe diameter to be cut.


1. Hand knob

7.Gas-in hose: Oxygen hose (the clockwise screwed connection) and fuel gas hose (the anti-clockwise screwed connection)

2.Electric appliance control box:

Equipped with velocity modulation knob

and normal/reverse changeover switch

8. Torch

3.Electric outlet

9. Setting bolt spring of the moving object: The moving object taking the torch walks along the brim of the pattern plate by the pressure of the two setting bolt spring.

4 .Direct current motor

5.Clutch hand knob

When the knob is on the left, the knob is in the declutching position and the machine disengages the electric equipment. You can operate the machine by manual method and allocate the torch rapidly.

10.The saddle-orifice pattern plate

Make the pattern plate according to the shape which need be cut.

Flame Cutting Torch  Gas Cutter Machine  For Steel Cutting

1.The machine is used to cut pipe for intersection welding.

2. Pipe intersection welding needs to cut saddle orifice’s shape. 

3.The machine also can cut common pipe or bevel cutting. 

4.The device has two operating modes of electric and manual.


 Contents of package

1 Body

1 set

2 Standard torch and sections 

1 set

3 Floating structure of the torch

1 set

4 Tip G02 or G03 #1,2,3

1 pc each

5 Safety device

1 set

6 Gas-in junction

1 set

7 Spanner

1 set

8.Specification sheets and certificate of qualification

1 pc each

9 Power cable

1 pc

10 Foundation bolt

18 sets (4 pc each set)

11 Phillips screwdriver

1 set

12 Needle

1 set

13 Hand-operated knob

1 set


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