• Máquina de corte por llama GCD-300 para placa de alto espesor
  • Máquina de corte por llama GCD-300 para placa de alto espesor
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    Máquina de corte por llama GCD-300 para placa de alto espesor

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  • “GCD2-300”thick plate cutter is a kind of light cutter. Intermediate pressure gas and high pressure oxygen are used in the machine which can cut 6 to 300mm thick plates. The cutter is used in line cutting with efficiency. The structure of cutter is compacted and the cutter is easy to operate, free to move, safe to use. Cutting needs short auxiliary time. The cutter is used in heavy-duty mechanical industry, steel plant and shipbuilding industry.


1. Gas two port valve:Adjust gas flow

9. Gas distributor

2. Preheating oxygen valve

10.Adjusting speed hand wheel:Adjust speed of machine walking

3. Cutting oxygen valve

11. Clutch handle

4. Traversing hand wheel: Rotate hand wheel to make torch move horizontally.

12. Jaw track

5. Traversing gear rack

13. Torch adjusting hand wheel: Rotate hand wheel to adjust distance between tip and steel plate.

6. Cuerpo

7. Hose for delivering gas

8. Quick switch handle: Handle has three step switches. They are close preheating and cutting. If the step is close, all gas is close.

14. Antorcha

15. Thermal baffle: Impede heat diffusion to machine inner.


1. Peso

:23 KG

2. Dimensión de la máquina

:510 mm × 1270 mm × 670 mm

3. Control de velocidad

:SCR control

4. Fuente de energía

:AC 220V±10%    50HZ

5. Velocidad de corte


6. Espesor de corte

: 6-300mm

7. Ángulo de bisel


8. Diameter of cutting circle


9. Propina

:G02(for acetylene),G03(for propane)

10. Motor

:DC 110V   50HZ  30W   rotation speed 4200r/min

Contenido del paquete

1. Cuerpo


2. Torch


3. Tip (acetylene)  6#、7#、8#


4. Spanner


5. Seat of moving up and down


6. Seat of moving left and right

(Include traversing gear rack)


7. Power cable


8. Radius (allocate screw)


9. Specification sheets and certificate of qualification   


10. Joint of inlet gas


11. Bulb screw


Accesorio estándar

1. Radius bar


2. Groove guide rail



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