• CG1-13 Cortadora de gas multidireccional de todas las posiciones para placa curva
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    CG1-13 Cortadora de gas multidireccional de todas las posiciones para placa curva

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  • “CG1-13” multi-direction gas cutter is designed well. It is beautiful and portable. The system uses silicon control to adjust speed. It is easy to operate. The machine moves on the rail, which is distributed with nickel cobalt permanent magnet steel. There are strong adsorption and convenient loading and uploading.


The rail can adhere to vertical, cross direction, inverted and curve face to cut. The structure is compacted, the operation is easy and it has a wide range of use. So, it is suitable for shipyard, boiler, bridge, metallic departments to do gas cutting, such as batching and skew surface cutting.


1. Cross moving handle: To adjust the level moving distance of torch.

2. Perilla de embrague

3. Regulating handle of stationary wheel: To adjust stationary wheel to fix machine according to the arc of rail.

4. Rail: There are two rails, which can be inter-butted. Each of them is distributed with thirteen permanent magnet steels.

5. Torch body

6.Regulating wheel of balance wheel

7.Reversible switch: The machine starts to walk toward the direction when switch is set on the position of arrow.

8. Hose: Connect them between distributor and torch. The three hoses are used individually for fuel gas, preheating oxygen and cutting oxygen.

9.Cross gear rack


11. Gas two-way valve: To adjust gas-flow rate.

12. Gas distributor.

13. Speed controller: Increase the speed when you revolve it clockwise.


1. Weight (body)


2. Dimensión de la máquina

: 230×200×230mm

3. Control de velocidad

:Control de silicio

4. Fuente de energía

:AC 220V, 50Hz

5. Velocidad de corte


6. Espesor de corte

: 6-30mm

7.Curvature of cutting rough straight steel plate

:R≥700MM(in following picture)

9. Tip(30°)



:DC 110V 0.5A 30W ;10000r/min

Contenido del paquete

1. Cuerpo

conjunto 1

2. Propina

3 pcs each (acetylene)

3. Gas-in connector (oxygen, acetylene

conjunto 1

4. Electrical case unit assemblage

conjunto 1

5.Electrical connecting line

1 unidad

6. Carril

1.6m/pc x2

7. Specification sheets and certificate of qualification

1 pc cada uno

8. Montaje de la unidad de antorcha

conjunto 1

9.Torch holder

conjunto 1


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