Classification of beveling machine


According to drive mode

Electric pipe beveling machine

Electric pipe beveling machine is commonly used currently, 220V AC motor as the driving force, the operation is very convenient. Electric pipe beveling machine has a variety of models.Every beveling machine can process any diameter pipe within the proper range of machine mode by change different size of swelling block. The portable design of the whole machine, can achieve beveling operations at any place indoor, outdoor as long as there was power.

Pneumatic pipe beveling machine

Pneumatic pipe beveling machine principles is same with electric pipe beveling machine, but using gas motor, it can be work with porper pressure power, through the planetary gear reduce the speed, and the rotation of the ring gear turret.It can automatic feed, adjustable speed, good performance, high precision, suitable for working in place of easy to storms, hazard venue. It is safe and reliable.

Acorrding to the fixed way

End Prep Beveling machine

End Prep Beveling machine is end Prep structure, swelling blocks the tube wall expansion by force, then beveling machine fixed to the tube center.Each type of beveling machine can immediately switch to a different block size of inflation, in order to fix the different pipes models.

Split Frame beveling machine

Split Frame beveling machine, the body can be separated into two parts.It fixed on the pipe diameter machining, no internal expansion devices. It is suitable for pipe cutting, beveling, drilling the hole, cylindrical flange face machining and processing. It has advantage of high precision, high surface quality. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, natural gas, metallurgy, shipbuilding, boilers, pharmaceutical, water treatment and other industries pipeline installation, maintenance and other pipelines.

According to the beveling materail

portable plate beveling machine

The plate is fixed, machine would be handheld by an operator, travel along the plate edge completed the beveling.The operator is required a large labor intensity.

auto feeding plate beveling machine

With the need the welding and beveling of steel is more and more , the fatigue of implementation bevelling worker increased dramatically. In order to reduce labor costs and fatigue strength, the automatically walking plate beveling machine (plate beveling machine) was born.When automatic plate beveling machine (plate beveling machine) groove, some factories through rail and propulsion system to achieve automatic beveling of steel sheet.Some rely on the powerful torque of the machine blade driven walking.The latter is a high-speed output by the motor shaft, passing through the gearbox to the tool, the tool can be at a low speed high torque rolling shear mode processing steel.Then using the stopper on the side of the machine in contact with the steel plateso that automatic beveling machine can line out of a straight line, thus completing the welding groove.


stationary plate beveling machine

Stationary plate beveling machine fixed the machine itself, use of the principle of rolling shear, cut roll on the plate edges chamfered. Stationary plate beveling machine is mainly used to bevel before welding steel.The processed groove dimensions is correct, surface is smoth. Compared with gas cutting machine beveling methods, the consumption of energy is low, grooving is fast (more than three times of the gas cutting), and without clear burrs.Without clamping during the processed.So it is easy to opreate,high efficiency,the equipped bracket can without limit of the length and with of the workpiece. Therefore, applying this chamfering machine to groove is much better than other devices. It is ideal steel processing equipment before welding groove.

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