What is and how does welding carriage works?



Welding carriage means the driving to achieve automatic welding process,which is installed on the welding track or adsorbed by magnetic force on the workpiece,moving along the track with the torch.It is an important machine for automatic welding.


Welding carriage has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, easy to operate.Its main parts are the running gear,wire feeder and torch oscillation adjustment mechanism.The walking structure conbinate by the motor and gear transmission structure.In order to make the walk motor implement the position and speed instruction issued by the computer control unit.Part of the machine motor shoud equiped with the tochometer feedback mechanism to ensure the motor make accurate alignment at each location,but also has a well function of speed tracking.


During the welding process,welding carriage walking speed,wire feed speed and the torch vibration frequency are the three main parameters.The up down adjustment of the torch cannot be taken into account.The welding parameters can be adjusted according to the actual situation in the welding process,such as the wire feed speed,vibration frequencey and other parameters.But the adjusting of these parameters are interrelated,the wire feed speed adjust proper,the vibration frequency and the welding vehicle speed may not be appropriate.Only by groping for some time that can adjust these several parameters to be matched.


At present,few international companies produce the welding carriages,Huawei as the representative of the Chinese companies in this field.In recent years we developed a series of automatic welding carriage for a variety of sheet metal welding and porfiles welding,supplied a comperhensive welding solution to domestic and oversea customers.

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