Shanghai Huawei Welding & Cutting Co., Ltd. attend the Mexico WELDMEX show


Mexico is a free market economy,have a developed industry and agriculture, the proportion of private economy has also increased significantly modernized. After 1994 the formal establishment of NAFTA, Mexico and the United States trade and investment flows increased rapidly, greatly promoted the economic development and national income increased. Mexican sides by the sea, east of the Gulf of Mexico, west of the Pacific, America's economic strength ranked fourth in the world XIII. Mexico has a modern industry and agriculture, the capital and largest city is Mexico City. In recent years, the Mexican financial markets continued good pass, gradually reduced interest rates, currency market stability, public finances and balance surplus, a substantial increase in foreign trade. Mexico growing demand for the metal industry, as Huawei Welding & Cutting enter the local market provides a good environment. During the exhibition, many local dealers discuss cooperation matters with our company, while a large number of users interest in our products welding carriage. I believe that in the near future Huawei will be rooted in  Mexican market.

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