• HK-8U Section automatic welding tractor with two torch holder
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    HK-8U Section automatic welding tractor with two torch holder

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  • Our company’s multifunction angle weld trolley is wonderful. It has many functions. It can make the person, who isn’t proficient, do angle weld easily. Chief characters are following: Small capacity, low gravity center, lightweight, portable.High magnetism magnet increases dependability of operating and draft load to assure the machine operates smoothly.It can operate many machines on the base of increase dependability of operating and self-stop function.

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Name and function of each section

HK-8U is made up of carriage body, control box, X-Y slide, torch gripper and guide wheel.

1)hand grip:Please hold this hand grip when you carry the machine.

2) carriage body:It is the carrier of drive unit, including motor, planet reducer and driving wheel.

3)Auto-stop switch

   There are limit switches on both side of machine (Auto-stop switch).

4)cross handle:  Rotate the handle to adjust the position of torch.

    5) Floating device: It can float according to the deformation of workpiece to make sure

  the distance between torch and seam is same to make the seam fine.

    6) Fine-tune angle device: It is easy to align the torch to welding position by it.

    7) Control box: It can adjust all actions of carriage. Please refer to “explanation of control panel”.

8) Regulating wheel

9) Welding torch gripper: It is used to fix the torch. You can take down torch by it, when you want to repair or adjust the torch.

Control panel illustration


1)  Speed control knob: Increase speed when you revolute clockwise, decrease speed when

revolute anti-clockwise. Speed scale matches following speed chart: Adjust the welding

speed according to welding specifications.

2) Power indicated lamp: When the power is on, the lamp is light.

3) Travel direction: The switch is used to control travel direction

4)  Model select switch---there are three positions. The individual function is:

TEST:On this position, the feeder works. You can control arc starting/ retracting arc by your hands, then reset after release.

ARC ON:On this position, the normal welding begins. If you press down firing switch, the trolley starts to walk at the time of arc starting.

NEUT:On this position, if you press down start button, the trolley walks but the welding doesn’t start.

5)  Start button:Press down the button and the trolley begin to walk. The selector switch can

   control whether welding begins at the same time.

6) Stop button:Press down the button and the trolley stop walking. The selector switch can

control whether the welding stops.

7/8) NO.Ⅰ interface and NO.Ⅱinterface

9/10) NO.Ⅰ and NO.Ⅱ is switch of the welding torch. If you need two welding torches to weld, you

turn two switches on. If you only need one blowtorch to weld, you turn the corresponding




34 Kg

Driving method

Four rubber rims driving

Hauling power

30 Kg

Running speed

50-1200 (mm/min)

Tracking mode

Guide wheel type

Height of torch

Three chooses

Adjusting scope of torch

Work angle:360°

Processing angle:10°


Bended welding torch or straight welding torch

Locked equipment of torch

Suit for bended welding torch or straight welding torch

Self-stop function

By spacing parts of front-end and after end.




1) body                         1set

2) control wire                    1set

3) special torch(fitting parts)       (purchase)

4) fuse(2A)                      1pc

5)hexangular screw               1set

6)manual                        1pc

7)certificate of qualification         1pc

8)maintenance bill                 1pc

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