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    HK-5E portable double two torch auto welding carriage

  • Product Description
  • Small capacity, low gravity center, lightweight, portable.High magnetism magnet increases dependability of operating and draft load to assure the machine operates smoothly. You can operate many machines on the base of increase dependability of operating and self-stop function.The guide transfer switch can make it move toward right/left.Guide equipment is screw lockage-on type.

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Name and function of each section

1) Adjusting gliding block of torch

You can use this equipment to adjust arc starting point toward up/down, front/rear. Each distance of run is 60mm.

2) Spacing switch

There are spacing switches on both ends.

If you put an impulse force to switch, it may be damaged. When the autostop switch is broken, the function of it will vanish.

3)Guide wheel: The guide wheel should stick to plate when welding.

You must assemble the guide wheel correctly, else it may lead to failure of spacing switch.

4)Thermal baffle


6)Body of tractor

7)Torch locking: Make sure you lock the torch.

If you tighten the current-carrying part, it may lead to short or electricshock.

8)Handle knob: Hold the knob when you carry it.

9)Operating panel( illustration in full in after chapters)

10)Electric box

11)Metal plug

This plug is external plug.

12)The cable is used to connect carriage with feeder and provide power for them.

(There are two branches, one connecting feeder and another connecting power.)


1. Weight

9 Kg

2. Driving method

Four rubber rims driving

3. Hauling power

30 Kg

4. Running speed

50~1500 (mm/min)

5. Tracking mode

Guide wheel type

6.range of torch

1)Rotating angle: 360°

2)Up /down moving:60 mm

3)Front/rear moving: 60 mm

8. Locked equipment of torch

Suit for bended welding torch or straight welding torch

9. Needed welding length

Front-end:60 mm    end:60 mm

10. Self-stop function

By spacing parts of front-end and after end.


320 mm x280 mm x290 mm

List of package

The contents of the standard package are shown below. Check them carefully before assembling the machine.

1.host machine


2. control wire 


3. fuse(1A)


4.inner hexangular screw


5. manual   


6. certificate of qualification


Notice: special torch (option parts) need be purchased by user.

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