• HK-600D Automatic tube pipe hole flame cutter cutting machine
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    HK-600D Automatic tube pipe hole flame cutter cutting machine

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  • “HK-600D” pipe-orifice gas cutter is portable. The machine is used to cut T shape joint accurately which is connected between high pressure vessel and heat-exchange equipment.   Pipe intersection welding needs to open core with cutting on the main pipe. The machine is a self-locking mechanism that the torch rises and falls automatically.

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The self-locking mechanism uses trigonometry principle to make mechanic equipment trace cylinder curved face accurately, which makes torch move as pathway. It is considered to reduce machine weight and take it conveniently in the design. It makes use of infinity revolving gas distributor to make pipeline not twist. The machine can cut circle and bevel. The machine is constituted of control box, torch and self-locking system. Every part is connected with main body rack. With clutch equipment, torch is revolved manually without electric equipment and snapped to cutting point. Control box which is fixed on the top of mechanism is operated and repaired easily.



1 Control box

7  Leg: Locating machine on the steel pipe.

2 Normal/Reverse switch

8 velocity modulation knob : Velocity label is divided ten grill and it is accelerated by step

3 Two-port valve: Adjust gas flow.

4 Handle: Release clutch and rotate handle to locate the torch.

9  Clutch hand knob

10 Gas-in junction

5 Center cone: Align the center which will be cut on steel pipe. The torch operates a circle, the center of which is the center cone.

11 torch height modulation knob: Set height of the saddle with the knob

12 Sliding bar

6 Tip

13 Traversing Hand wheel of radius gear rack


1. Weight (body)

:46.5 kilograms


:3.5 kilograms

2 .Machine dimension

:1060(L)×560(W)X820(H)MM (body)

3 .Speed control

:SCR control

4 .Power source

:AC 220V±10%

5 .Cutting speed


6 .Cutting thickness


7 .Bevel angle


8.Cutting steel pipe diameter

:It is suitable for diameter 800mm or more than diameter

  800mm. It is standard configuration. It can cut diameter

  250mm or more than the diameter with added


9 .Cutting valid scope


10.Rate of cutting diameter and

   diameter of steel pipe

:1:2 or it is more than the data.

11. Max cutting vector height



:GO2( for acetylene) or GO3(for propane)


:110V   68W   6000 rpm

Contents of package

1 Body

1 set

2 Cutting accessory for small radius pipes

1 set

3 Tip G02 or G03 #1,2,3

1 pc each

4 Inlet gas junction

1 set

5 Spanner

1 set

6 Specification sheets and certificate of qualification

1 pc each

7 Power cable

1 pc

8 Phillips screwdriver

1 set

9 Needle

1 set


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