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    HK-6A-D Track guided flat rail welding tractor carriage plate weld

  • Product Description
  • Strong machine body,durable and portable.Low barycenter designing,with haul of 16kg,smoothly moving.

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HK-6A-D Main Features:

1.Strong machine body,durable and portable.

2.Low barycenter designing,with haul of 16kg,smoothly moving.

3.Magnet controlling handle makes setting up easy;welding both in left and right.

4.Inductor in both end can make machine stop when welding end.

5.Flat rail for this carriage is good for welding of long line and straight angle.

6.Standard rail:1.8m;can be connected as reuired.







6.9  Kg

Driving method

Four ferrous rims driving

Hauling power

16  Kg

Running speed

150~~1500 (mm/min)

Tracking mode

Guide wheel type

Height of torch

Three chooses

Adjusting scope of torch

Horizontal angle: 40°~55°

Up /down moving: 45mm

Front/rear moving: 45mm


Bended welding torch or straight welding torch

Locked equipment of torch

Suit for bended welding torch or straight welding torch

Needed welding length

Front-end:127mm; end:127mm

Self-stop function

By spacing parts of front-end and after end.


260x260x264 mm


 1) body                     1set

 2) control wire               1set

 3) tramroad(1.8m)            1set

4) fuse(1A)                  1pc

 5) hexangular screw(M5/M6)   each 1set

 6) manual                   1pc

 7) certificate of qualification     1pc

 8) maintenance bill            1pc

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