• CG1-30sp-400 Machine portative à chanfreiner et découper à plusieurs chalumeaux
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    CG1-30sp-400 Machine portative à chanfreiner et découper à plusieurs chalumeaux

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  • “CG1-30SP-400” X beveling gas cutter is one of products. It is designed well and beautiful.We do technical innovations and optimizations for it based on the suggestions. This machine adopts new material, which improves the serviceability, durability heat-insulating property and practicability.The gas distributor adopts integrated flame failure control. You only adjust preheating flame and cutting oxygen one time. The performance of flame is kept in the next time.


1. Hoses: Oxygen hose, Preheating oxygen hose and cutting oxygen hose

2. Cross moving hand wheel:     To adjust horizontal position of torch.

3. Cross moving gear rack

4. Vertical adjusting hand wheel of torch

5. Astuce

6. Thermal baffle: To prevent heat to diffuse into the inner of machine.

7. Fuel gas two-port valve: To adjust the flow.



8. total switch of gas distributor

 9. admission junction: three groups

10. . Clutch hand knob:“STOP” is declutched; “START” is combined.

11. Adjusting speed knob:   It can increase the cutting speed along “0” toward “10” clockwise, and decrease the speed along “10” toward “0” anti-clockwise.

12. Heavy punch: 

13. Universal wheel:


1. Poids

:29.5 kilograms

2. Dimensions de la machine


3. Contrôle de la vitesse

:Silicon control

4. Source d'alimentation

:CA 220V±10% 50HZ

5. Vitesse de coupe


6. Épaisseur de coupe

: 5-100mm

7.Groove angle

:0-45 degrees

8.Diameteral of cutting circle


9. Astuce

:G02 (acétylène), G03 (propane)


:DC 110V  50HZ  30W   4200r/min

11.Sharp of bevel

:V, Y, K, X

12.Floating range of cutting torch


Contenu de l'emballage

1. Corps

1 ensemble

2.Torch unit assemblage


3. Moving unit assemblage

1set(including left-right, up-down moving unit assemblage and gear rack)

4. Tip (acetylene)

1#  2#  3#  3 pc each

5.Power wire


6.Specification sheets and certificate of qualification

1 pièce chacun

7. Gas-in connector /pressure cat

2 séries

8. Ball-pane screw M4


9.bevel unit assemblage

1set(floating device and contour wheel)

10. Heavy punch

2 pc

Random standard accessory

1. Cutting circle unit assemblage



1)2 pc of convex guide rail(1.8m/pc)

2)1 pc of grooved guide rail(1.8m/pc)

Accessoire en option

2 pc of grooved guide rail(1.2m/pc)

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