• CG2-11S Big hand manual pipe cutter picle cutting machine
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    CG2-11S Big hand manual pipe cutter picle cutting machine

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  • “CG1-11S” big hand-operated pipe cutter is designed based on the investigation on local practical situation. It is an economic and practical big diameter cutter. It has four paralleled road wheels and locks machine with the chains rounded steel tube. Operate the machine by hand-operated mode. It is fit for the cutting of the big diameter no-seam steel tube above 250mm.

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The configuration of the machine is unique and it is easy to operate and maintain .It is convenient to move. The cutting assistant-time is short. It has high reliability and is fit for using in no-power field .There are three groups paralleled installation wheel in the base-plate .Transport the four paralleled road wheels to the ragged edge installation holes and install them when cutting full diameter steel tube. This installation can improve precision.



1. Chains: Lock machine with the chains rounded steel tube and drive the machine with the chain driving. Travel round the wall of the tube.


7.Declutcher control lever of clutch: Separating the clutch can make the machine moving fast on the steel tube. After getting to the required place, close the clutch.

2.Traversing wheel: Turn the wheel to make the torch move left or right.


3.Swing hand grip: Swing clockwise can make the machine move forwards, and counter-clockwise can make backwards


8.Hose: Install three hoses in gas allotter: preheat, fuel gas, cutting oxygen.

4.Fuel gas-in junction

5.Oxygen-in junction



9.Up-down  modulated hand wheel in the torch


11. Road wheel

6.Big aerofoil screw: Modulate the degree of tightness of the installation pipe.




1 Weight (body)

:16.5 kg


:2.5 kg

2 Machine dimension


3 Bevel form

:I form or V form (The biggest angle is 45°)

4 Resetting precision

:1mm (The circumference of the tube is in 1000mm)

5 Cutting steel tube diameter

:250-1000mm (Collocated standard chain)

6 Cutting pipe wall thickness

:5-50㎜ (Standard torch collocation)

Contents of package

1.Standard package

1)Body(Hand grips bilateral are installed in reverse)


2)Standard torch and sections




4)Tip(G02 or G03)

3pcs each  

5)Gas-in junction 


6)Torch linker


7) Specification sheets and certificate of qualification

1pc each


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