• CG2-11G Hand Pipe cutter Picle cutting machine
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    CG2-11G Hand Pipe cutter Picle cutting machine

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  • “CG2-11G”hand pipe cutter is a kind of economic and practical cutter. It has four parallel roller wheels. It uses chains to enwind the pipe to lock the machine. You can operate it to cut big steel pipes (the diameter is above 108mm) by hand. 

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The machine has many merits, such as: unique structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance and repair, few non-cutting time and high reliability. It suits for cutting outdoor without power source.The machine has bearer of chain wheel, which can slide along two axes to tighten or release chain. The driving chain adopts double joint structure to connect in line. You can increase or decrease chain easily according to the diameter of pipe.



1. Chain:To enwind pipe to lock machine. It makes the machine run by chain.

7. Declutching lever of clutch : If the clutch is cut off, you can move machine on the pipe quickly.

2.Cross moving hand wheel:To make torch move left and right.

8. Hoses: Connect them to gas distributor. There are three hoses: preheating oxygen hose, fuel gas hose and cutting oxygen hose.

9.Up-down adjusting hand wheel of torch


3.Hand knob: The machine walks forward if you revolve it clockwise, and walk backward if you revolve it anti-clockwise.

4.Fuel gas inlet connector

5.Oxygen inlet connector.

6.Big wing screw: Adjust the tightness of machine.

11. Road wheel



:10.5 kilograms


:1.5 kilograms

2. Machine dimension

:325mm×325 mm×425 mm

3. Groove shape

:I shape or V shape (Most angle is 45 degrees)

4.Reset accuracy

:1mm(The circumference of pipe is ≤100mm)

5. Diameter of cutting pipe.

:108mm-600mm(Standard chain)

6. Cutting thickness

:5mm-50mm(Standard torch)

Contents of package

1.Standard pack

1)Main body(The hand knobs on two sides are used to assemble backward.

: 1set 

2)Standard torch unit assemblage

: 1set   

3)Chain(83 links)

: 1set  

4)Tip (G02 or G03 )

: 3pcs each

5)Gas-in connector

: 1set   

6)Connector of torch

: 1set 

7)Specification sheets and certificate of qualification

: 1pc each


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