• CG2-11B stainless steel pipe gas cutting machine
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    CG2-11B stainless steel pipe gas cutting machine

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  • “CG2-11B” Stainless Stell pipe gas cutter is small pipe cutter, the development of which is based on investigation of actual cases. It uses chains to lock pipe and you can increase or decrease chain according to the diameter of pipe. The machine is made of A-alloy. It has impacted structure, light weight and can cut continuously.

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1.Hose:Connect them to gas distributor. There are three hoses: preheating oxygen hose, fuel gas hose and cutting oxygen hose.

6.Roller wheel :To make the machine walks smoothly on the pipe wall.

2. Sliding support

8. Wing nut:Revolve it to tighten the chain to fix machine on pipe.

3.Cross feeding hand wheel :To adjust horizontal position of torch.

9.Gas distributor:Preheating oxygen, cutting oxygen and

4.Lift hand knob of torch:To adjust the height of torch.

10.Gas distributor:Gases are preheating oxygen, fuel gas and cutting oxygen.

5. Torch:The cutting thickness is about 5-50mm

11 .Body

12. Chain

(1) Description:

1. The main body is made of aluminum alloy, light and portable.

2. An air plasma cutter should be fit out for stainless steel cutting.

3. It's driven by motor of shift gears.

4. It has high precision in cutting of circular as well as stability in running.

5. Chain belt for lock of pipe and cutter, flexible and convenient in operation.

6. Chain belt can be adjusted as per diameter of pipe.

7. Bevel angle: I.Y.V(45°).

8. Applied to oil and chemical engineering project.

High Quality CG2-11B Stainless Steel Pipe Gas Cutting Machine :

Technical data:

Model No. L*W*H Supply Voltage Dia.of Circle Cutting Cutting Speed Cutting Thinkness Weight
(mm) (v/hz) mm (mm/min) mm kg
CG2-11B 265×420×450 AC220/50 150-600 5-2300 Option As Per Cutting Required 14.5


Contents of package

1) Main body


2) Standard torch unit assemblage


3) Connector of torch


4) Electric case


5) Tip cleaner


6) Tip GO2(acetylene)  GO3(propane)

1pc each

7) Chain(82 chain shackle)


8) Fuse (2A)


9) Specification sheets and certificate of qualification

1 pc each



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