• CG2-150A Shape cutting machine
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    CG2-150A Shape cutting machine

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  • “CG2-150A”shape profiling flame cutting machine is a kind of efficient and economic product.The main body is made of aluminum by die-casting precisely.Speed system is adjusted by integrated circuit, keeping running steadily.

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1.Lift wheel of arm :Release the screw of arm and adjust the wheel to make the arm unit assembly rise or fall.


7.Cross moving bar:Measuring scale is set on the fracture of cross moving bar. You can adjust the sample plate horizontally according to scale.

2.Power switch




8.Frame of sample plate: To fix the sample plate and adjust the height of sample plate.

4.Hoses: There are four hoses: preheating, cutting, fuel gas and feeding gas for pressure switch.

5. Screw at the bottom: Make the machine horizontal on steel plate.

6. Locking screw of arm cross moving bar: If the position of sample plate is settled, you can fix the cross moving bar on the arm with locking screw.


9.Magnetic head

10.Speed regulating knob:Increase the speed if you revolve it along “0” to “10”.

11.Direction regulating switch: To change the rotary direction of magnetic head.



12.Lifting hand wheel of torch



1,.CG2-150 profiling gas cutter,profiling cutting machine 
2.supply many types 
3.high quality-ISO certificate 
4.lower price 

Technical data:


Model NO. Overall Size     L×W×H Cutting Thickness Cutting    Speed Dia.of Circle Cutting Length of Line Cutting Max.Size of Cutting Square Max.Size of Cutting Rectangle Weight
  mm mm mm/min mm mm mm mm kg
CG2-150 1190 × 335 × 800 6-100 50-750 ø20-ø600 1200 500 × 500 400 × 900 450 × 750   56.5


CG2-150A(Lengthen type)


:61.5 KG

2. Machine dimension

:1390 MM×335 MM×800 MM

3.Speed control


4.Power source

:110V 50/60HZ

5. Cutting speed

: 50~750/mm/min

6. Cutting thickness

: 5~100mm

7. The diameter of cutting circle.

: ø20~ø1800mm

8. Length of cutting line.


9. Size of cutting rectangle.

:340mm×1700mm, 500mm×1650mm


: 55/ZYT DC110V24W  3600r/min



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